Bitcoin Traders Should Pay Close Attention to This Price Level Amid Crypto Market Pullback, Says On-Chain Analyst Will Clemente – The Daily Hodl

Popular on-chain analyst Will Clemente says he’s identified the new support level for Bitcoin (BTC) after the crypto market’s latest Covid-induced price drop. Clemente tells […]

Litecoin and an Ethereum Rival Outperformed Bitcoin-Based Investment Products in November, According to Crypto Data Firm – The Daily Hodl

Bitcoin (BTC)-based investment products are facing strong competition from altcoin-based products, according to cryptocurrency data company CryptoCompare. The crypto data firm says in a new […]

Bitcoin Whales Buy Over $2,260,000,000 Worth of BTC During Latest Crypto Correction: Analytics Firm Santiment – The Daily Hodl

Additionally, Bitcoin’s current social sentiment is at its most bearish level in seven weeks, according to the analytics firm. Santiment’s weighted sentiment tracker analyzes the […]

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